From Rex McGregor:

Hi actors and playwrights

In September and October, a group of actors had fun reading and singing my one-act musical BonanzaLear over three sessions at P.A.G.E.S.

We’re presenting the whole 30-minute show at Anything Goes! live on Zoom on Wednesday November 16. The session runs from 6pm to 8pm EDT. Our musical will go on after 7pm. Anything Goes! is organized by ANDTheatre Company in New York.

To attend as an audience member, please send an email to
Subject: ATTENDEE.     The theatre will send you the Zoom link.

by Rex McGregor

A mash-up of Shakespeare’s King Lear and the television western Bonanza,
with parodies of songs from 1960s TV shows, country music and Oklahoma!

Ben Lear’s three daughters compete for control of the family ranch and their reality TV series. Meanwhile, the planet is suffering from climate change.


BEN – Arthur Lundquist
MADAM – Sharlene Hartman
BOSS – Diane Quinn
LITTLE DEE – Victoria Freedman