Re: Congratulations!


Andrew Davids

8:50 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Good morning Donald,
Congratulations are in order for you and your remarkable play! Eddy & Edna is indeed a jewel. It’s a compact, very dynamic piece of theater. Opening night went well, and the cast seems to be very comfortable in the world we all have created for them. Here’s a review from a local entertainment weekly:

Here’s a excerpt from Good Times:

“Two pieces stood out during the rest of the evening. In Eddy & Edna, playwright Donald Loftus boldly imagines the bittersweet realities of a couple no longer sure of each other’s mental capacities. Performers Steven Capasso and Mindy Pedlar reached through the realm of make believe and convinced us we were watching a genuine encounter between long-marrieds no longer on top of their memory game. The twist at the end was deliciously neat, an absolute stunner.”

Thank you again for being so open to questions and being willing to contribute added insight to your work. It gave us the confidence to dig deeper into the guts of the play, and into the characters.

I hope you have continued success in your many endeavors. Thank you again for this wonderful creative process.

All the best,

Andrew (and cast)