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    Robin Reseen is casting for his new musical, GRAVE REVIEWS, a paid equity showcase. There are a number of roles available. See attached breakdown. He is looking to do his show in late OCT or NOV.

    Send a photo, video submission of monologue and upsong / ballad and include non-union or union status to

    LOCATION: New York City
    (All performers must be in the NYC.tristate area)
    All Actors must sing and move well. Any race, ethnicity, sexual orientaUon, or gender idenUty are
    welcome to the audiUons.

    (30-60) An Evangelical ChrisUan, transgender woman: obsessed with Broadway stardom,
    and clueless; believes her religious show about the Apocalypse will catapult her to fame. A loony, lovable, delusional actress subject to many mood swings. A hybrid character of a Tammy Faye Baker, Be^e Middler, Rosalind Russell and Karen Black.
    (30-60) Louise’s fiancé whose also her untalented director from Texas. Backwards, petulant, sUll a virgin, and a child. In love with Louise and her delusions.
    (50-60) First-String CriUc of New York Chimes: erudite, eccentric, pompous—-. Prides himself on his own mischievous manner.
    (40-60) Second-String CriUc: Suave, handsome, bisexual man who has a rather promiscuous nature. An intellectual with a friendly demeanor, but behind the veneer is a shallow person.
    (50-60) Off-Broadway CriUc; a forked tongue, domineering, and ambiUous. Believes she always deserves the best.
    40’ TO 60]
    Louise’s stage mother. A snobby, acUng coach living in the past and an alcoholic.
    (40’s-50) Sportswriter for the New York Chimes; the beleagured, hen picked fiancé of Susan Snark.
    (50 to 70 Freddy’s obstreperous, cantankerous, red neck Texas father who believes his son is gay and is determined to bring him back home and away from the evil temptaUons of the theatre.
    (40-60) A blue collar, divorced, sex starved NYPD cop who moonlights at night as a stand up comedian A man in love with his own corny jokes and anyone who will listen to him .
    (20-60) Two chorus women who dance and sing well.Must have a great sense of of comedy. (SUSAN SNARK & SYLVIA SNODGRASS played buy the same character)
    (BARRY BLUNT & FRANK FEY played by same character)

    Story line: Grave Reviews is a musical about an actor, Lance Larson, who received excoriaUng reviews from the New York CriUcs ajer his portrayal of Buffalo Bill in the musical sequel to “Annie Get Your Gun” called “Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?” and He/she/them/they/ vows never to return to The Great White Way. But during an epiphany, Lance comes to the realizaUon that/she/had always been in the wrong gender and makes a comeback to Broadway as a glamorous leading lady and an Evangelical ChrisUan— Louise Lavish! As the criUcs are murdered one by one, DetecUve Dulmirth, a NYPD detecUve who hates musicals, reluctantly invesUgates the crime.with Louise as the prime suspect.

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