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    Message from Casting:
    Hello! We’re searching for REAL STORIES of employees of companies (current or former) who have felt unseen at their workplace (could be an unacknowledged condition/situation, a balancing act of multiple roles, burnout/stress, bias at work, etc). Those who are selected to participate will be recorded on-camera, sharing their story, with our hosts. We will work with each participant to make sure they feel comfortable with the content they are sharing. As this podcast will focus on the ways in which employees feel unseen by their previous or current employers, those who are selected do not need to disclose their names or the name of their previous/current employer if they do not wish to. The podcast will be filmed and recorded in the New York City area. In order to be considered you MUST submit using this link: Please share our link with friends/colleagues who are not on Casting Networks!! Thanks so much – DSCasting

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