I spent a **lot** of time (2+ years) researching and bringing to life this beyond-incredible story of the first female fighter pilots in history. This was a regiment — pilots, navigators, mechanics, cooks, clerks, and support staff — made entirely of women. Hailing from all the Soviet Republics, they flew under the most horrific circumstances against the Nazis for three years during World War II. It wasn’t easy to unearth their stories because the Soviet and Russian governments deliberately suppressed their historic heroism, as they were “merely women.”

They weren’t in it for the heroics, but through the desperate desire to save their loved ones and homes from the rampaging German war machine (which would end up killing 20 million of their fellow countrymen, soldiers and civilians).

Night after night these women—many of whom were between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five–flew against the Nazis, dropping bombs on front-line installations, in all kinds of treacherous weather. Each of the dozen-plus teams of pilot and navigator flew at least eight sorties a night, avoiding much more powerful German fighter jets and anti-aircraft fire, while flying in the pitch dark without benefit of radar, lights, defensive weapons, or parachutes.

Did I mention they flew stick-and-wood biplanes?

And the Nazis were petrified of them.

This is their story, told by one of the pilots — stunning to hear, nearly impossible to believe, heartbreaking at times, but inspiring. This first reading features the talents of Meg Elliott as Ukrainian pilot Masha.
I’d like to know what you think of this play, which has been a real labor of love. We’ll have a brief facilitated talkback after the performance, so if you’d like to offer feedback, you can stay for that (or send it on to me afterward). The entire performance and talkback will run about 90 minutes.
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