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Name of Show: “IGNORE” by Jason Duval Hunter

Genre of Music or Performance:

R&B, Pop, Hip Hop & House

Brief Show Description:

“IGNORE” is a conceptual Theatrical Experience where the characters enter and exit the chat rooms (the stage) via transformational dance as they change into their Cybersexual costumes. The characters reveal themselves through their Cybersexual affairs. The main character of David Wade Love is based on the playwright’s traumatic childhood of sexual abuse by an older cousin. David is on the internet seeking the truth from one shady character after another, all relishing in the devious deeds of Catfishing. His abuser is one of these cats… but which one? When David finds them, he ultimately seeks retribution!!! This ultimate game of truth and dare has consequences!

Other NYC Venues the script/concept has been previewed/showcased:

  • The Triad Theater
  • The Producer’s Club
  • The Clemente: Teatro La Tea
  • My True Colors Festival @ Faison Firehouse Theatre
Brief Performer Bio of Preview/Showcase:
Jason Duval Hunter plays – David “Wade” Love
(Executive Producer, Writer, Actor)The concept of “IGNORE” came to Jason more than 15 years before the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube era. He takes on the taboo subject of childhood sexual abuse and how it impacts one’s sexuality as an adult. Jason uses an adult internet chat room in this play to tell this story. He attended The University of Buffalo Department of Theater and Dance under the guidance of his mentor & professor, Stephen M Henderson. After college, Jason returned to NYC, hitting the ground running. Jason has acted in TV & film & was a Principal Character in the popular YouTube Web Series “Street Behavior” for three seasons. Jason was instrumental in the development of an Off-Broadway Theater company by the name of Curan Repertory Theater. At Curan Repertory, Jason was involved in casting, directing, producing, and ultimately becoming the Associate Artistic Director of that company. Mr. Hunter created “The Hunt 4 Love Productions” to provide opportunities and artistic vehicles for potential artists to bring their “A” game to his productions and leave with an “A+” game. He is particularly proud of the “#Hunt4Love Supports Artist” campaign, whose goal is to consciously & consistently seek opportunities to support fellow artists in the showbiz community. Jason is committed to being a face & raising his voice as a survivor of incest/molestation. He was invited to the Board of Directors of The O’Brien Dennis Foundation, which focuses on helping other childhood abuse victims transition to be survivors and live fulfilling lives. Mr. Hunter is most proud of his participation in the “Untold Stories: Men without Voices” Photo Exhibit, a fundraising event for the foundation. One of Jason’s primary duties on the board was to create and facilitate a discussion/support group for men who have survived sexual abuse. This group is called “The Conversation.” One of Mr. Hunter’s most fulfilling achievements is his work with the Mount Sinai Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program as a Patient Advocate and Small Group facilitator for the training class of new advocates.


Check out my LP titled “IGNORE”  The song will be featured in my the showcase of my autobiographical play titled “IGNORE”

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Adrienne Unae plays – HalleyCherry aka Vanessa Ann Mon”ROE” Jackson

(Co-Producer & Co-Star of “IGNORE – Roe-V-Wade”)

I enjoy the creation and presentation process of film, television, and musical theater. I also enjoy the development processes of business. Therefore, I use my comedic timing and performing art to educate and improve lives to address social issues and norms that wreak havoc on our community at large. So, whether it is via performing art or traditional business development, I desire to serve in today’s morally turbulent and spiritually defunct times, persons young and old, as we face an unprecedented loss of optimism and challenges of depression, powerlessness, poor impulse control, low self-esteem, and the like. I believe such negative behaviors lead to the strongholds of fear and that fear is the root of anger and violence. I use film, theatre, and dance as an anecdote, a balm, for the challenges mentioned above. I have found arts through a spiritually based framework to positively affect our children/youth, families, and the community. I believe that film, episodic television, theatre, and dance positively assist persons young and old and the mentally or physically imprisoned to improve social and life skills. The improvement helps individuals and organizations overcome negative impulses to manage anger better and realize deliverance from the grips of fear.

I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Actors Equity Association (AEA), the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated.