Lionelle Hamanaka’s Crossways Theatre stage reading on Apr 30th on the Upper West Side.


Rehearsing Michael Gaetano’s play.  May 2023

Tenille, Sharlene, Deborah, Mark G (& others)

Michael D gives instructions to his troops

18, count’em, PAGES members @ Lionelles’ Womens Festival. Apr 30 ’23


Tears of Joy. Victoria Freedman with a gift from her cast from Rex McGregors’, ‘Shes Got His Number’ @ Players Theatre

Mark G by Ken F.

Mark Gordon, Peggy Chane, J. Lois Diamond, Colleen Kennedy

Jenifer Margaret Kelly, Victoria Freedman, Art Feinglass, Mark Gordon, Jessica Feder-Birnbaum and Miriam Kulick

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass