Frankie & Rocco @ Paramount TSQ Pickets

          1st Annual PAGES Party @ Mark C’s house, Bloomfield NJ, Aug ‘23

Sharlene & Bernie & “Friend”

Rosina & Don

Jillie (100%) and Mark G (23.3%)


Barry, Rosina, Mark G, Rocco, Arthur, Martin P, Victoria



Jane Ives (R) attends matinee, directed by Michelle Macau (C), featuring Deborah DeLorenzo (L).

Dirk and Company does it again!

Lionelle Hamanaka’s Crossways Theatre stage reading on Apr 30th on the Upper West Side.


Rehearsing Michael Gaetano’s play.  May 2023

Tenille, Sharlene, Deborah, Mark G (& others)

Michael D gives instructions to his troops

18, count’em, PAGES members @ Lionelles’ Womens Festival. Apr 30 ’23


Tears of Joy. Victoria Freedman with a gift from her cast from Rex McGregors’, ‘Shes Got His Number’ @ Players Theatre

Mark G by Ken F.

Mark Gordon, Peggy Chane, J. Lois Diamond, Colleen Kennedy

Jenifer Margaret Kelly, Victoria Freedman, Art Feinglass, Mark Gordon, Jessica Feder-Birnbaum and Miriam Kulick

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass

‘Arrivals’ by Art Feinglass