a virtual evening of awarenessto raise money for Theater Resources Unlimited.
And a celebration of 30 years of service to the theater community!

Sunday June 4th, 5-7pm eastern

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Use friends and family code ‘TRUSpeak-FF’ for 20% off!Presented with generous sponsorship from Patrick Blake of RHYMES OVER BEATS, Merrie L. Davis of NEXT ACT 2 FOLLOW, R.K. Greene and THE STORYLINE PROJECT, Linda B. Rubin Productions, Judith Manocherian, WRITE ACT REPERTORY andWOMEN MAKE MOVIES.

An evening to raise awareness of current social issues, as well as awareness of the work TRU has been doing for the theater community for over 30 years. Featuring 5 new plays filmed for virtual performance (plus special appearances by Joanna Gleason, Austin Pendleton and Tonya Pinkins). And a VIRTUAL AFTER-PARTY hosted by Write Act Repertory, your chance to meet and chat with our actors, writers, directors, producers and tech pros. Each play has its own breakout room you can visit! It’s fun!


directed by Epiphany Samuels, produced by Cady Huffman
director of photography Caleb Morgan, film editor Samuel Kassover
with Alex BonielloAli Ewoldt

GUELLEN, KANSAS by Alex Goldberg
directed by Jordan Richards, produced by Amy Drake
associate producers Bones Rodriguez & Lara Valpey Rodriguez
director of photography Laela Kilbourn
with Hallie Bond, Chuck CooperCady Huffman, Blake Lafita

DITMAS by Glenn Alterman
directed by Ben Rauch, produced by Carolyn M. Brown
director of photography & film editor Joshua Santora
with Noah Mariano, Samantha Simone
(Shot on location at the Tamborim Bar and Grill in Jersey City)

REPRIEVE by Lee Roscoe
directed by Miriam Eusebio, produced by Nicolette Blount
director of photography Matthew Kohn, film editor Ernie Ernstrom
with Emperor Kaioyus, Damiah Nolasco,
John Scott Richardson, Jana Robbins

directed by Misti B. Wills, produced by Cady Huffman
director of photography & film editor Carley Santori
with D’Ambrose BoydRosemary HowardHaley Swindal

Basic show-only tickets $55
VIP tickets with after-party start at $90
Use friends and family code ‘TRUSpeak-FF’ for 20% off

executive producer Bob Ost
founding producer and tech supervisor Iben Cenholt/Rune Films
consulting producer Janel C. Scarborough
video designers Jay Chacon, Tracy Swedlow
event graphics designed by Gary Hughes
program design Rob Hofmann, Andrea McDonald
production assistant Owen Cahill

Special thanks to Jamibeth Margolis Casting and Robin Carus Casting.

— Cate Cammarata, MFATRU Literary ManagerTRU Voices Series AdministratorProducer, Director, Dramaturg