STANLEY HATHAWAY, GREG THOMAS & LAUREN PRODA in LINDA PALLOTTA’ ‘30,000 Strong’, part of ‘Mother Ukraine: Layers of War’


FRANKIE VERROCA & MARK GORDON in LINDA PALLOTTA’ ’Best Friend’, part of ’Mother Ukraine – Layers of War’

Donald and Rosina’s Birthday

Barry Reitman & Martin Pfefferkorn in Linda Pallotta’s ‘Putin & the Priest’ 
Rosina Fernhoff in Linda Pallotta’s Mother Ukraine
Tener Brown in Linda Pallottas’s “Re-in-WHAT!? (Change is Good)
Mark Cunningham and Victoria Freedman in Rex McGregor’s “Grace Finds Kel.”
Arthur Lundquist & Martin Pfefferkorn in Linda Pallotta’s “Sunset Phenomena.”
Greg Thomas’ “Daniel/Jean” starring Rosina Fernhoff and Miriam Kulick. Narrated by Mark Gordon.
Art Feinglass’ “Peddler,” with Victoria Freedman, Barry Reitman, Bernard Bosio, and narrated by Miriam Kulick.
An (Updated) Christmas Carol by Tony Barone.  Featuring Alyson Linefsky, Sue Phillips, Lauren Proda, Michelle Macau, Colleen Kennedy, and narrated by Victoria Freedman.

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