P.A.G.E.S. began as a spin-off group from another playwrights/actors organization known as TIMES SQUARE PLAYWRIGHTS. The new group was formed in 2019. We originally met at a studio in New York City. When COVID began, we immediately became an online organization meeting on ZOOM every Tuesday night from 6:15 pm (EST) until 10:00 pm (EST). We were originally a group of approximately 30 members from the New York City area. Today we have over 220 members stretching across the United States and reaching members as far away as Italy, England, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. The quality of the writing and the acting has significantly gotten stronger and we all continue to grow.

The first purpose of P.A.G.E.S. is to help playwrights develop new works for the world’s stages utilizing our talented troupe of actors. By hearing their words aloud as read by our talented actors, and getting group feedback after each reading, the playwrights learn and grow and their work becomes stronger. Residual benefits for all of our members are the relationships that are built at each session, and the opportunities to work together on actual productions going forward.

It has become an important part of all of our member’s weekly schedules and a key part of their development as artists.

It is our hope that we will continue to develop and grow and perhaps even form our own theatre company down the road.