It’s coming soon, join us for another exciting evening of Drama with Friends. Prepare to be thrilled by the who’s, the why’s, the what’s, and the wherefores in four short plays by Bay Area playwright Steve Koppman followed by a Q&A with the playwright.

Mark your calendar for May 15. Doors open at 6:50p PDT curtain goes up at 7 p.m.   Meeting ID: 832 9847 068

Call in numbers:  669-900-6833 US (San Jose) or 888-475-4499 US (Toll-free) Be sure to use the above Meeting ID. 

😎 Homage to Catatonia
The upgrade is coming; All will be one. No more division between us and them, inside and outside, here and there. Brother Adam sounds like a Luddite, wondering if every upgrade, every new thing, is always better. Mom thinks he’s going through a phase; Dad thinks he’s living in the past. Are we running System or is it running us?


😎 America
They want to know at school who we are, where we came from, Caitlin tells her Mom, thinking she can finally get their whole true story. But Mom wants to know why anyone asks questions like these in America while Caitlin wonders what they left behind.

😎 The Pessimists Club
Don’t look too hard at the bright side in partly cloudy Lukewarm Springs, where the local Pessimists International chapter is about to complete its first century. The rival Optimists want to celebrate, but this goes against the Pessimists’ philosophy. How will they handle this unprecedented challenge?

😎 Why God Made Beggars
How far should we go for a friend? Dan wonders
as he sees his old pal, rival and sometime star of his grad school class sleeping on the street outside the Oakland coffeehouse where he does his freelance work, struggling suddenly with what being a ‘real human’ demands of him.


We hope to see you this coming Monday.