Here comes the apocalypse. Robots taking our jobs, fires burning our neighborhoods, drought. Can the world be saved or is it too late? Our talented troupe unravels the future in an evening of short plays by Erin Panttaja, and the Q&A that follows the production. Drama with Friends is a project of the Community Living Campaign (CLC). We present short plays on the third Monday night of every month at 7 pm Pacific time. This is a free event and is available only on zoom.
To attend, please sign into the zoom account:
Meeting ID: 871 1609 4834
Click on the above link to enter a Drama with Friends production. This is a simple, 5-question form. Once you complete the form, CLC will send you an email that allows you to enter the zoom room for all Drama with Friends productions through June 30, 2024. At the bottom of that confirmation there is a blue button you must click to “join meeting.” Allow up to two minutes for the host to let you into the meeting.
For future meetings, retain this email and click the “join meeting” button every month to automatically enter the Drama with Friends waiting room. You will not have to re-register. Again, allow up to two minutes for the host to let you into the meeting.
The apocalypse may be coming, but registration shouldn’t be so difficult. 
See you on November 20th for an evening of reflection.
Judy Goddess
Producer, Drama with Friends