Before the marketing company starts its campaign, I wanted to extend a personal invitation to my new comedy, Whispers, playing Dec 7, 9 and 10 at the Latea Theater in the East Village. After Covid (and two cancelled plays) Whispers is a fun, funny and I hope inspiring story of the ageless quest for romance.


The womanizing owner of the Hoffsteder’s Follies must find a way to get heads back into his Bowery theater after the devastation of Covid. But how? He devises a plan to produce a star-studded gala and focuses on recruiting an old lover, Madam Lavretsky, a Broadway legend now retired at Sunset Living in Queens. After the initial shock at seeing the philandering Hoffsteder, who she hasn’t seen for decades, Madam Lavretsky agrees to think it all over. On arrival at Sunset Living, Hoffsteder also unexpectedly encounters a retired hooker he frequented back in the day. She mistakenly believes him to be loaded and plots snaring him as her ticket out of Sunset Living.  

Whispers is an ensemble production featuring eight very talented actors. If you can get to New York, I urge you to support the performing arts, the festival and original black-box theater.  I have included a link to festival ticketing and directions. I would be very pleased to see you this December. Thank you.


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