Number of Performers in Show: 10+
10 Ten Principal & Featured Characters plus a chorus of Supporting Actors
*The chorus will perform in the Theme Song “IGNORE” at the end of the showcase.

Please Submit your Headshot, Resume, Music & Social Media Links (if you have) to:


Phi-Psi-N aka David Wade Love (Lead): Male (African American/Ethnic) – age: 40 to 45
He is in the chatrooms searching for closure or revenge from the cousin that molested him. He has been through tough times in life but prevails in the end. This character exposes himself mainly through monologue & breaking the fourth wall directly to the audience. He is the only character telling the “absolute truth” the way he remembers it.
Young David Wade Love (Featured): Male (African American/Ethnic) – age: 12 to 16
The role is mainly done in voice over.  He will read the letter that he wrote that allowed him to escape his childhood nightmare.  The role will also call for reenactments of flashbacks to the Adult David’s upbringing i.e. the opening montage which consist of a Birthday party and other events.
You/Me69n (Lead): Male (African American/Ethnic) – age: to 50+
He is the creative force behind the www.You/ He changes persona and becomes many different Characters in the chat room with the other CyberSexuals. He must be a free spirit and aware. His real life persona turns out to be just who David has been searching for. He will be totally exposed by the end of the play.
HalleCherry1 aka Vannessa MonRoe Jackson (Lead): Female (African American, Ethnically Ambiguous) – age: 40 to 45
This is a bad, bad chick. Stunningly beautiful physically, however her shallowness and condescending attitude makes her unappealing to most. She looks like a combination of Halle Berry & Vanessa Williams, with the attitude of Omarosa. Don’t take these character descriptions literally, rather bring your own sense of sexy divaness to the character. The lady wants it all and gets it all. She has men wrapped around her finger. However, a deep secret from her past makes her more vulnerable than she will ever admit.
Auntie Em aka LSue49n/AUNTIE EM (Lead): Female (African American/Ethnic) – age: 65+
She is the mother hen that has found new life in cyberspace. Is trying to have an affair with Shine2FineN. Is the mother or Aunt of YOU/ME69N. Or is she? She is suffering from Cancer and the treatment. Or Is She?
Boy1683n (Featured): Male or Female (Any ethnicity) – age: 18 to 21
This actor needs to appear innocent and look younger than his or her age. Need someone who is a pubescent teenager but appears younger. This “child” in the adult chat room is in reality an undercover detective trying to catch a predator.
Kenny1744n (Featured): Male (Caucasian) – age: 18 to 30
He is an Abercrombie & Fitch type. Alpha-male. Loves women and detest being questioned about his masculinity or sexuality. He may or may not be an artist. He is having an online affair with the “girl” of his dreams, or so he hopes.
ShavedFratBoy/BIG BROTHER (Featured): Male (African American/Ethnic) – age: 21 to 25
This is a fraternity pledge that is being hazed during a session. He goes on to become a Big Brother and hazes David during a personal confession.
Shine2FineN (Featured): Male (Ethnic) – age: 18 to 35
He is conceited & thinks he is the epitome of drop dead gorgeousness,head turner, or “so or he thinks”. He is a troublemaker. He goes head to head with You/Me69n.
TyBoy1215n (Featured): Male (African American or Latino) – age: 18 to 21+
College student, focused on his school studies; lives at home with his mother and seeks privacy. Very attractive. Has a girlfriend and a son. He is Gay for pay only.
Thank you for considering this project.
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The Hunt 4 Love Productions
Producer, Writer, Director, Actor
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